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DFC(Dual Filter Compact) Sand Control Screen

DFCTM Screen (Dual Filter Compact Screen)

DFC screen mainly consists of perforated base pipe, DFC sand control filtration jacket, and stainless steel outer protective shroud that also has sand control function for big size formation sands. The base pipe is of API casing or API tubing. The DFC sand control filtration jacket is made of multilayer stainless steel precise microspore weaves. All parts of DFC screen are welded together.

DFC screen is a new efficient technology of mechanical sand control with excellent performance in practice by its high permeability, high strength, high deformation adaptive capacity, high reliability and good anti-corrosion property.

DFCTM Screen Features

Materials and Anticorrosion Ability
  1. For common wells, the base pipe is API casing or tubing (J55, N80, etc.). DFC sand control filtration jacket and protective shroud are made of high-quality stainless steel.
  2. For special wells in H2S, CO2 or Clˉ corrosive environment, the base pipe is anti-corrosion casing or tubing, even is stainless steel tubing. DFC sand control filtration jacket and protective shroud are made of high-quality stainless steel.
  3. Have anti-corrosion ability to acid, alkali, or salts.
DFCTM sand control filtration jacket
  1. It is made of multi-layer 316L stainless steel precise microspore weaves, with high reliability and anti-damaging ability.
  2. Filtration area is 10 times as large as the slotted screen or wire-wrapped screen (opening rate 80% to 85%) and therefore it can produce oil & gas with higher production rate and lower flow resistance.
  3. The filtration pores are stable with high deformation adaptive capacity. Its sand control ability remains unchanged even when the screen diameter deforms up to 40%, and it perfectly satisfies the requirement in horizontal wells.
  4. The filtration pores are distributed uniformly with high permeability and high anti-blocking ability. The DFC screen can extend screen service life by slowing down sand-blocking and providing better flow distribution. In addition, the inverse-flushing job can be easily carried out.
  5. Its closely-packed structure and light weight make it easily move through a long distance in a horizontal well.