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Slotted Liner Sand Control Screen

Slotted Liner Sand control Screen

Slotted liner sand control screen

Slotted liner is the API standard tubing and casing wall cut out a lot of narrow gap according to the requirement and is widely used in oil and gas well of sand control. There are two processing methods to get slotted linerlaser cutting and mechanical cutting. In view of the low efficiency of traditional laser cutting technology, the shortcomings of high cost, the company successfully developed efficient numerical control mechanical cutting equipment and achieve the efficient scale of production.

Using of independent research and development special equipment for keystone slotted liner processing, has realized the keystone slotted liner large-scale processing for the first time in domestic, can provide customers with high quality of keystone slotted liner products.

For ordinary slotted liner gap caused by corrosion wider failure problem of sand control, developed bimetallic slotted liner. The screen frame is API standard oil casing, surface materials for corrosion resistance of stainless steel. Two kinds of materials combined by metallurgy completely solve the slotted gap wider caused by corrosion, meet the technical requirement of production of oil and gas for the slotted liner. The company has formed 100000m/annual slotted liner processing ability.

Keystone Slotted Liner

Company independent research and development of the latest trapezoidal seam extrusion equipment for forming keystone seam latelyhas realized the keystone slotted liner efficient processing.

Anti-corrosion bi-metallic slotted Liner

Using the technology of centrifugal casting can make the molten composite of different materials together, which achieves complete bi-metallic composite liner of metallurgical bonding, its bonding strength is more than the yield strength of the body. Efficient using of mechanical cutting and keystone slotted liner forming process can get the anti-corrosion bi-metallic slotted liner. The product is the best form of the slotted liner can satisfy the requirement of slotted liner performance and service life in the different underground environment.

Slot size

All slot liner slot sizes can be customized to fit different requirements from clients. Precision slotted liners are processed by CNC controlled saw cutting machines or laser cutting machine. Every single slot is de-burred, cleaned and approved through ID drifting test according to API standard. The minimum slot width is 0.012 inch or we call 12 gauge and the maximum width is 0.25 inch.

Slot patterns

Four slot patterns are applied to different characters as shown above. Comparing with staggered and straight slot pattern, gang slotted pattern has more torque-loading capacity during installation and improving the slotted liner’s resistance to collapse pressure.

Slot Length Calculation

Slotted liners are normally designed to 3 percent OFA relative to the OD surface area of the base pipe and up to 6 percent but with extremely condition. The number of slots per foot to a given OFA rate is calculated with the following equation.


N is required slots per foot

π is constant (3.1416)

D is OD of base pipe(inches)

C is Required OFA %

W is slot width(inches)

L is the length of slot measured on the ID of pipe(inches)