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WWS(Wire Wrapped Slot) Sand Control Screen

WWS Screen (Wire Wrap Sand control screen)

The WWS screen (Wire Wrap Sand screen) consists of perforated base pipe, outer wire wrap shroud and supporting ring on both ends. Keystone or house shape wires are wrapped and welded to form uniform slots. The shroud is then placed over the perforated base pipe and welded to each end. The WWS screens strength, high standard, and computerized controlled slot size to make WWS screen a great choice for long horizontal wells as well as deep vertical wells.

WWS Screen advantages
  1. Keystone shaped slot pattern with low risk of plugging and easy to clean;
  2. With strong anti-corrosion ability, stainless steel filtration jacket has strong resistance to acid, alkali, and salt. It is highly adaptive to H2S, CO2, Clˉ and enables the space between slots not expanded because of corrosion in long-term use.
  3. Optimized design for perforation, high mechanical strength which has the equivalent strength of same size casing
  4. Minimum slot size: 0.1mm which is able to satisfy most of the completion requirements.
  5. High OFA;

Cased hole in vertical wells with gravel packing or horizontal wells with open-hole application and multi-lateral wells. 

Two options of WWS screen, SLIP ON design or DIRECT WRAP design available.