Sand Control Production Machines

The DWWS machine is a special equipment for welding wires directly onto the perforated pipe. The equipment comprises seven parts: main body, rotating roller assembly, rocker console, rear bracket assembly, wire feeding assembly, polishing assembly and triplet assembly. 

The Perforation machine is a special equipment for steel pipe drilling. The frame comprises two parts: the front frame and the rear frame. All the frames are welded with steel plates. Bolts fix the front and back of the perforation machine frame. A slide rail and a lead screw assembly are installed on the top of the perforation machine's rear frame, and a set of lead screw assemblies is installed in the middle of each of the four guide rails. A spindle mounting plate is installed on the top, and six spindle heads are installed on each spindle mounting plate (depending on the client's requirements and customization). 

The WPS welding production line is an automatic welding moulding equipment that spirals weld the punching bridge or round hole belt into a screen jacket. This equipment is composed of a welding machine base, feed component base, feeder, clean components, feeding component, rocker console, mould components, argon arc welding machine, cutting machine, polisher, cutting support components, cylinder components, pipe support components, discharge components and keep-off components, trolley, argon arc welding cooling water tank, baffle plate support components of 18 parts. 

WPS SCREEN PUNCH PRODUCTION MACHINE is an automatic forming equipment for punching Bridges or holes in the steel belt. This equipment comprises a punching machine, feeder, feeding machine, receiving machine, sensor mounting frame, mould, and press plate.