Sand Control Devices

Slotted Liner Sand control Screen

Slotted liner is the API standard tubing and casing wall cut out a lot of narrow gap according to the requirement and is widely used in oil and gas well of sand control. There are two processing methods to get slotted liner,laser cutting and mechanical cutting. In view of the low efficiency of traditional laser cutting technology, the shortcomings of high cost, the company successfully developed efficient numerical control mechanical cutting equipment and achieve the efficient scale of production.

Perforated Base Pipe

The API standard tubing and casing wall be drilled lots of round hole according to the requirement of oil and gas well completion liner. The company forms high efficiency and high precision drilling production line using independent research and development 56 bits NC perforated machine. The company has production capacity of 200,000 meters/ annual perforated pipe annual. The perforated aperture can reach 6~25 mm. The company can drill on-site customer according to the client’s requirement.

DFCTM Screen (Dual Filter Compact Screen)

DFC screen mainly consists of perforated base pipe, DFC sand control filtration jacket, and stainless steel outer protective shroud that also has sand control function for big size formation sands. The base pipe is of API casing or API tubing. The DFC sand control filtration jacket is made of multilayer stainless steel precise microspore weaves. All parts of DFC screen are welded together.

WWS & DWWS Screen (Direct Wire Wrap Sand control screen)

The WWS screen (Wire Wrap Sand screen) consists of perforated base pipe, outer wire wrap shroud(either slip on or direct wire wrap) and supporting ring on both ends. The only different between WWS and DWWS is DWWS is with directly wrapped wire on the based pipe to improve the integrity of wire wrap sand control screen. Key stone or house shape wires are wrapped and welded to form uniform slots. The shroud is then placed over perforated base pipe and welded to each end. The WWS and DWWS screens strength, high standard and computerized controlled slot size to make WWS and DWWS screen a great choice for long horizontal wells as well as deep vertical wells.

WPSTM Screen (Wrapped Punch Slot Screen)

WPS Screen mainly consists of perforated base pipe, stainless steel filtration jacket with a wrapped punch slot jacket and end rings. The base pipe is of API casing or API tubing with many perforated holes. The filtration jacket with the punched slot is made of high-quality stainless steel, and the spatial slot in a high density array over it is achieved by digital control precise punching machine. In the end, the filtration jacket with punched slots is welded onto the perforated base pipe through support rings on both ends. In application, the formation sand cannot easily enter the filtration jacket while the formation fluid can easily flow into the screen through space between punched slots and establish 3-D stable sand arches to prevent formation sand get into the production line.

High quality Profile Wire/Wedge Wires

High quality profile wires, wedge wires and house shap wires. Above the industrial standard and are wildly used for wire wrap screen products.

Custom shape wires are avalible upon the request.

Available Grades: 430, 202B, 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 316Ti, 321, 321H, 8825, 310S, 904L, 2205, 2507

Shape: Wedge shape, House shape or customer special request

Tolerance: up to +/-1 thou.

Packing: wooden or steel spools.

Spool size: Max 1000 kg per spool.

Capabilities: Drawing, Annealing, Chemical descaling.